Behavioral Tips When In A Torrance Jail

It is a very daunting, and stressful situation to be arrested and go through the booking process. It is only natural that most defendants will be scared of being placed in a holding cell with people they do not know, and this fear is easily validated. Nobody who has been arrested for a crime, and who is eligible for bail, wants to have to remain in jail any longer than necessary. This is when the services of a good bail bonds Torrance company comes in very handy.

As bail amounts in the state of California are the highest in the country, most people are unable to find the entire amount alone. For those unaware of bail bond companies, and agents, this means they will be stuck in jail until they are required in court. For those that have called a bail bonds company such as ours for assistance, they will still need to remain in jail until the release process has been finalized. For the defendant, this can be a terrifying time, especially for those who’ve never been in this situation before.

Caution is always required when being held in a cell with strangers. Most people however, are usually held for non-violent crimes such as writing bad checks, theft, drug possession, and prostitution. Only a small percentage are charged with violent crimes. Even so, it always advisable to be on your guard, while showing a friendly disposition.

A few survival tips while being held in custody:

  • Be friendly, but not overly friendly

  • Never give the impression that you are “too good” to be in jail

  • Do not make statements that could be considered derogatory to race or religion

  • Do not volunteer personal information

  • Never let your guard down

  • Don’t behave in a disruptive manner toward fellow inmates, or the jailers

  • Do not act scared or timid

Ours is a highly professional and experienced bail bonds agency serving the Southern California community. Committed to the welfare and needs of our clients, we will always commence the release process as soon as at all possible so the defendant isn’t being held for any longer than necessary.

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